Think back to your childhood bedroom: Do you still have your Spider-Man sheets? Does your mom have your Hello Kitty comforter in the attic or basement? Was your Rugrats bedding passed on to younger siblings or family members? Did it get donated or maybe even thrown out?

U.K.-based designer Nikki Millar had a brilliant idea, one that will make you wish you held onto your childhood sheets and fabrics. She decided to upcycle old, vintage sheets from her childhood that were taking up space in her house by sewing them into makeup bags, skirts, fanny packs and more.

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On Millar’s online shop, the Silly Girl Club, you can find sheets—prints and fabrics that you may recognize from, or maybe even owned, way back in the day—revived into unique two-piece sets, jumpers, stylish crop tops and more, all sewn by hand in her Leicestershire Studio.

An old Aristocats bed sheet reimagined and sewn into a denim jacket? Check. A Flintstones blanket turned into a festival-ready smock? A look.

Started sewing the first stock for my shop a year ago today ?

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From Disney princesses and Powerpuff Girls to Power Rangers and Cabbage Patch Kids, you will be shook over the nostalgia-filled, custom-made products available on the online store.

CROPPIN’ all over the woooorld. ??

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If you are in need of a fun outfit for an upcoming trip to one of the Disney parks, heading to a ’90s theme night or just want to rock the whimsical patterns of your past on the regular, you will have no trouble finding something cool through Millar and her Silly Girl Club shop.