In a recent interview, director Lars Klevberg revealed key changes in Chucky’s character with an emphasis on how artificial intelligence plays a major role in the upcoming Child’s Play reboot.

The Child’s Play franchise has experienced a series of do-overs since its original debut in 1988. However, unlike previous Child’s Play films, Chucky will not be a haunted serial killer doll but instead an artificial intelligence that’s conceited into Chucky’s character.

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The scary thing is that our antagonist, our Chucky, transforms through its AI,” Klevberg says.

Klevberg also intends to implement more humane characteristics that are “understandable from his point of view but also to us,” in addition to Chucky’s futuristic, AI transformation. This idea originated from Greek tragedies and Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, the latter of which he claims as his key inspiration for the film.

“His way of becoming sympathetic—that was something I really wanted to look into,” Klevberg says. “I viewed the story as a Greek tragedy [for] Chucky…so Chucky having different emotions in this film was important to me.”

Klevberg also mentioned that Chucky’s redesign is essential for viewers to sympathize with his new character.

“Chucky’s looked different throughout all the films,” Klevberg shares. “For me—I always go off the script. So it came from that…I knew I wanted the audience to connect with Chucky emotionally on every level. He needed to be expressive, and I needed him to have the possibility to change. All those pieces need to fit together for a purpose, and that comes from the script and what the story is about.”

Check out behind-the-scenes footage of Child’s Play below.

Child’s Play hits theaters June 21.

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