[Photos by: Brandon Sloter, Chili's Grill & Bar]

Restaurant chains on Twitter are not shy to share their music love with the world, and most recently, it’s been Chili’s proving their love for Brand New—and their hot take on the band’s album ranking.

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It all started with this Taking Back Sunday and Brand New exchange...

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Of course, once TBS and Brand New get brought up, fans had to keep the conversation going. One user asked Chili’s for their favorite Brand New album, which they say is Your Favorite Weapon.

And the hot takes just kept on coming—from Chili’s and the fans alike. One super passionate fan brought Applebees into the mix, claiming “Devil And God or bust,” going so far as to say “YFW is atrocious.” Of course, Chili’s won’t just take it.

One fan asked for the chain’s opinion on Science Fiction, and they say that they’re just old-school Brand New fans:

And for the hottest take of them all, they decided to rank Brand New’s albums, which caused quite the uproar on social media:

See what Brand New fans had to say about Chili’s ranking…

But no worries—Chili’s is all about compromise.

It's time: Let's rank their albums.