Netflix fans, we know you cannot wait for the fourth installment of Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina to drop, and we can’t blame you. 

Today marks two years since the Riverdale spinoff’s premiere, and the potential final installment will be released sometime near the end of 2020. Creator Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa has been teasing an “extremely wicked” announcement arriving soon on Instagram, but Netflix hasn’t released a date yet, which is pretty much making us go crazy. 

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While there may be hope for the show to continue on HBO Max, we’re preparing ourselves to say goodbye to the characters who we’ve grown to love over the past couple of years. 

To hold us all off while we wait for the final season to drop, we figured out which Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina character you are according to your zodiac sign. Find out if you’re more like Hilda or Zelda or if you even have a similar personality to the Dark Lord himself. 

Aries – Prudence Blackwood

Like the leader of the Weird Sisters, you’re fiery, assertive and a natural-born boss. You can be intimidating and even sometimes mess with others, like the way Prudence makes fun of Sabrina. But when it comes down to what matters, such as teaming up for revenge against Faustus Blackwood, you’re capable of compassion. You’re not afraid of retaliating against someone who's crossed you or someone you love.

Taurus – Zelda Spellman

You can be a traditionalist, but it’s only a sign of your loyalty to your beliefs, like Zelda’s devoutness to the Dark Lord. You can be tough on the outside, similar to the harsher of Sabrina’s two aunts. Deep down, though, you’re nurturing and loving. 

Gemini – Lilith/Ms. Wardwell

This was too easy to pass up. She’s literally Mary Wardwell by day and Madam Satan by night, like a true Gemini with two personalities. Aside from that, Lilith loves the spotlight but is clever enough to know how to use it. You both can adapt well to situations, which also is why you probably have a quick wit like her. 

Cancer – Hilda Spellman

You’re similar to the more motherly aunt of the two, but that doesn’t mean you'll let people walk all over you. Like Hilda, you’re sweet until someone gives you a reason not to be, the biggest being if they mess with your family. Also, your love is unconditional, and you accept people for who they are, such as how Hilda accepts Sabrina’s dualities. 

Leo – The Dark Lord

Leos are known for being the center of attention, and the Dark Lord is the character who makes himself the prime focus in Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina. While you’re probably 100 times less evil than he is, you do share his power of being able to get people to do what you want, whether that’s by using your looks and personality or magic powers.

Virgo – Nick Scratch

The biggest reason Virgos are similar to Nick is that they're both mysterious people. They can be energetic one moment and shy and reserved the next, but they’re always endearing. Virgos are also freethinkers, which is something Nick embraced as he forged his own genuine relationship with Sabrina. 

Libra – Harvey Kinkle

Harvey is the one who keeps the peace and can solve any argument among his friends like a true balanced Libra. Aside from that, Libras are very sociable and charismatic. Although they weigh their options, they always know when it’s right to follow their heart. 

Scorpio – Sabrina Spellman

Scorpios are probably the most powerful of the zodiac signs—and the only people who could actually stand up to the Dark Lord. This sign, like Sabrina, is strong, passionate and empowered. They're brave and stand up for their beliefs but can get a little reckless, especially if they’re seeking revenge. 

Sagittarius – Rosalind Walker

No other zodiac sign is as independent and empowered as a Sagittarius, much like Roz’s outspoken and adventurous spirit. They also have the ability to always see the bright side, which is one of Sabrina’s BFF’s biggest assets.  

Capricorn – Faustus Blackwood

Capricorns are far less evil than Faustus Blackwood, but they’re almost just as bossy. Blackwood is known for his love of tradition, albeit dark, and ambition to get what he wants, even if that means stepping on other people. Like him, Caps can sometimes be narrow-minded and stubborn, but they’re much more conscious of it. 

Aquarius – Theo Putnam

Aquarians march to the beat of their own drum and don’t care how other people perceive them, just like this independent thinker. Theo is fiercely himself and isn’t confined to stereotypes, which is why it’s so easy for him to accept Sabrina for all that she is. 

Pisces – Ambrose Spellman

Ambrose has his head in the clouds like a true Pisces. But wouldn’t you if you were stuck in a funeral home for 75 years? Aside from that, both he and this sign are witty, creative and love pondering life and all of its wonders.