chloe moriondo has announced a new EP titled puppy luv. The five-track EP arrives April 8. Ahead of the release, moriondo has shared “sammy” with an accompanying music video.

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The visual features moriondo's dog Sammy as their co-star.

The lyrics of “sammy” presumably speak on the artist's furry best friend, but they can also be applied to any “puppy love” one may have. moriondo sings, “Oh, Sammy, Sammy/Your little face is sweet as candy, candy/Could have the hearts of so many, many/But I'm so glad that you're mine.”

moriondo recently spoke to Alternative Press about creating more playful and experimental music this year.

“I feel there’s so much I still haven’t said in my music, and there are infinite things I could talk about, as well as genres and realms that I want to dive into more. I love experimenting with different styles of music, producers and am very excited to branch out more and more. I want to write weird stuff and maybe take it a little less seriously than I normally do. I want to write more fun music next year.”

Check out the music video for “sammy” below.

chloe moriondo appeared in issue #401 (The AP Yearbook), available here