Netflix has released a new trailer for the upcoming film Choose Or Die. The horror-thriller movie about a cursed video game features the Prodigy's Liam Howlett presiding over the soundtrack.

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A synopsis of the movie reads, “In pursuit of an unclaimed $125,000 prize, a broke college dropout (Iola Evans) decides to play an obscure 1980s survival computer game. But The Game curses her, and she’s faced with dangerous choices and reality-warping challenges.

“After a series of unexpectedly terrifying moments, she realizes she’s no longer playing for the money, but for her life, and so teams up with her friend Isaac (Asa Butterfield),” it continues. “The Game locks her into an inescapable cycle of mind-bending horror. Stopping is not an option. It’s choose or die!”

Choose Or Die hits Netflix globally April 15. Check out the trailer for the movie below.