Earlier this year, news broke that Black Days, a biopic about late Soundgarden frontman Chris Cornell, is in the works.

Now, his estate has spoken out about the forthcoming project, stating that the biopic is unauthorized.

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Cornell lived quite the life as the frontman of Soundgarden. So, it's no surprise that a biopic about the legendary musician is in the works. However, it looks like Cornell's estate isn't too happy about the forthcoming project.

Black Days is allegedly “about the last days in the life of grunge music icon Chris Cornell." However, in a new statement to Pitchfork, Cornell's estate denounce the film, stating that the biopic is “not sanctioned or approved by the estate.”

Despite the lack of approval from the estate, the project is still moving ahead. Casting and production for Black Days have already begun and shooting will kick off in Los Angeles next month.

So far, little information about the biopic is known. Road Rage Films LLC and Amerifilms LLC, which are run by actor and musician Johnny Holiday (Kid Memphis), are listed as the companies spearheading the project.

As well, although Cornell was in various musical projects including Audioslave and Temple Of The Dog, Black Days will reportedly focus on his final days before his death in 2017.

It's been three years since Cornell suddenly passed away at the age of 52. Since then, his daughter Lily has been helping spread mental health awareness. Recently, she announced that she is starting a mental health podcast. As well, she is using her platform to destigmatize mental health on her new IGTV series.

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