Marvel fans, we might have some exciting news: Chris Evans might not be done playing Captain America after all (!)

But before we go on with the good news, let's recap:

Evans made headlines after he revealed in an interview that he was going to be retiring his role as Captain America after the 2019 film, Avengers 4.

“You want to get off the train before they push you off,” Evans told The New York Times, with writer Reggie Ugwu adding that Evans “expects that planned reshoots in the fall will mark the end of his tenure in the familiar red, white and blue super suit.”

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We were completely devastated after hearing the news, but a follow-up interview with Evans and ABC's Good Morning America, gave us some hope that maybe he wasn’t finished.

The interview in question had the Avenger's star hint that he wouldn’t mind reconsidering the idea of reprising his role as our beloved hero in a post-Avengers 4 return by simply saying: “We'll see.”

While Evans has kept pretty quiet on the whole "will he retire, will he not retire" conversation, it appears that he may not be done with the superhero.

This new development comes from a new interview from Avengers 4 director Joe Russo, who spoke to USA Today, where he hinted the Evans' isn't entirely "done."

"I think it was more emotional for him than it was us because he’s not done yet. I won’t explain what that means, but the audience will soon understand what I’m talking about."

The director didn't elaborate further on what his comment meant, but we do know that Evans has shared in the past that he might not completely be done playing the character, so we can only assume that he meant he isn’t “done yet” playing the role.

Well, we can only hope that’s what he meant.

While we'll have to wait and see if Evans will be reprising his role after Avengers 4, we can at least be comforted in knowing that we'll still be able to see him in action during the upcoming movie.

We're not entirely sure of Captain America's future, but it appears that we do know that the Avengers could be coming back for a fifth movie following the 2019 release of Avengers 4.

Russo shared in the same interview that it's certainly possible for the movie to make it to number five, but it may take some time.

"It could be a little bit of time, with the integration of Fox now and all the Fox characters -  it seems like - I haven’t talked directly to Kevin about it, so I don’t know what his plans are - but my guess would be there would be a little bit of time to integrate some of the other characters and take their time doing that."

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