In a developing investigation against Blood On The Dance Floor‘s Dahvie Vanity (aka Jesus David Torres), To Catch A Predator‘s Chris Hansen is speaking to two people that have been closely involved with him.

Hansen brought Fallon Vendetta who lived with and performed with Dahvie Vanity and collaborator Jennifer Hill to discuss they're experiences with Vanity.

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Vanity has been credibly accused of sexual assault of multiple women, several of which were underage. Hansen recently said he was looking into Vanity while also investigating YouTube personality Onision. 

Hansen first interviews Vendetta starting with how she met Vanity.

She mentions meeting Vanity "pretty much the same way anybody else meets him" through Instagram. After a while of maintaining a casual online friendship, they spoke on the phone in September of 2016. Vanity mentioned his bandmate Jayy Von Monroe leaving the group.

They eventually worked on music videos, music writing and tours together. Vendetta offered to help Vanity revive the project which led to numerous releases between 2017 and 2018. She says she did not know about Vanity's victims at the time of working with him.

"The most upsetting part about this to me is I didn't have any history of Blood On The Dance Floor. I didn't really know who Dahvie was," she says. "As we had started working together there were some things that had come up."

She mentions that as they started working together a photographer friend of hers was requested for work from Vendetta on behalf of Dahvie and the photographer showed restraint over rumours of abuse. She then started seeing things online including an arrest record and asked Dahvie Vanity about it.

"He said 'hey, there was this girl and she was seventeen years old but she lied about her age but it was at a concert in Colorado. It was totally consensual. It was oral sex and she went home and her parents kind of flipped out about it and like, the cops picked me up and everything was dismissed because it was consensual.' It seemed like a fair judgement on his part but the way that he painted this picture was that that was the only incident that had happened."

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She says she did believe him at the time because of how well he was at manipulation. She does confirm they were dating at a time during all of this as well. Their relationship started to dissolve as Vanity was seeing other people. When they returned from a tour, Vendetta decided they weren't going to work out.

She details the shock she had while discovering other allegations of abuse that came out over the past few years. Further, she discusses the various ways he used the band against her as a way to show control over their relationship.

She does say he never pressured her in sexual situations but mentions comments he made that make more sense now.

"He made some comments that now make sense that he's really just into rough oral, that was kind of his thing which, me, I'm like come on. This is disrespectful stuff and I'm not really into that."

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"I think about certain comments he made even when we would do lives he was like 'oh I have this hot girlfriend in her thirties' and he always made it a point to say he was dating a girl in her thirties."

They discuss a situation with a woman named Winter who also opened up about her experience with Dahvie Vanity. In 2016, they shot a music video when Winter came with her mother. Vendetta did not know about the incident at the shoot where Winter allegedly was asked and performed oral sex on Vanity on the set. Winter was 15 years old at the time.

Vendetta says she left after trying to use a computer and Vanity was acting odd about using his computer. A photo of a naked girl appeared on the computer which she believes was from devices syncing and left him after questioning him about how old the girl was.

Hansen also brought in Jennifer Hill who has worked with Vanity as a songwriter and vocal coach. She starts off by telling the host about meeting them through her daughter's interest in the band.

They met in 2013 and worked together until 2018. She says she only experienced one sexual comment towards her near the beginning but was married.

She says she thought it was odd he was as interactive as he was with teenage fans on tour.

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She mentions the business abuses Dahvie Vanity allegedly committed too.

"I also have friends who dealt with him on a professional level who I saw him treat them horribly and not pay them and put them in horrible situations. I think all of that needs to come forward."

Vendetta later discusses facing criticism from Vanity's fanbase but also says numerous young women have come forward to her with allegations.

"There's this whole other world when it comes to him and Jennifer can attest to that as well. It's extreme. It's like nothing you've ever experienced. There's extreme Dahvie supporters and there's extreme hate for Dahvie which I can understand now but their actions aren't justified. They formulate these hate groups and it takes away from victims that need help."

Hill also discusses how she hopes to be a voice for some of the women who faced abuse but don't feel comfortable talking about it, some of which have apparently still not publicly told their stories.

"There's a lot of stuff that you have to go through when you're connected with him and I think that the women that came forward that told me and the ones that, it's up to them to come forward. I'm not going to tell their story. I want them to know that I know they're strong and I know that they didn't deserve what they went through and there's a lot of people that believe them and don't think that they're crazy."

You can watch the full interview below.

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In 2018, an exposé with MetalSucks showed several women coming forward sharing their experiences with Torres. Some of the people speaking out ended up using pseudonyms to protect their identities. The history of the allegations began in 2006 with some victims being as young as 13 at the time of their assaults.

Huffington Post then posted an article detailing nearly two dozen scenarios of Vanity sexually assaulting women.

Following the multiple reports on the situation, Blood On The Dance Floor’s merch store on Big Cartel was pulled from their site.

Then, HuffPost wrote another article on the topic bringing the total number of potential victims from 16 to 21.

The majority of the allegations say that Torres forced them to perform oral sex. Of the women coming forward at the time, some said Torres wouldn’t let them stop until their “mouths bled”. The other seven women reported that Torres either molested or raped them.

Recently, Chris Hansen was discussing the details of his investigation into Onision and mentioned that Vanity was also on his radar. 

“Dahvie Vanity is on our radar here at Have a Seat with Chris Hansen and I promise you I’ll take a really good, hard look at it. We’ll be tackling that topic as we move forward in all these investigations.”

Last week, Hansen sat down with Jeffree Star who says he wants to help in whatever ways possible with the investigation.

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Initially, the MetalSucks exposé also detailed accounts from Star and Ash Costello of New Year’s Day saying that Torres engaged in inappropriate behavior with underage girls in front of them.

“Dahvie has always been horrible,” Star begins. I was happy that people are finally getting a voice because back in the day I don’t think a lot of people took things like this serious. The subject matter that we’re going to discuss today and everything that he’s been accused of. People back in the day did not take it as serious as they do now. Which is so horrible. So I’m glad that things are really coming to light and at the end of the day, the goal is for him to be sitting in a prison cell.”

Star also ended up discussing the early years of his music career and how he believes Torres got into making music because he was copying Star. Hansen asks Star if looking he saw anything Dahvie did that would horrify him today. 

“Oh absolutely, the things that I’ve seen were very offensive,” Star says. “And looking back, it was the way he was such a master manipulator at making things seem not as crazy as they were. I’ve witnessed him be very inappropriate with people underage. Have I witnessed an actual crime? No.”

Star also elaborates on his tweets from 2012 towards Torres about being a “child molester” but emphasizes while he believed most of the rumors to be true, he never saw an actual crime.

What do you think of Chris Hansen's developments in exposing Dahvie Vanity? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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