Though Parks & Recreation aired its final episode 3 years, 3 months and 24 days ago (not that we're counting), Chris Pratt has said that he "knows [he] would do" a revival if the opportunity arose.

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The comedy show ran for seven seasons and even earned a Golden Globe along the way. Though Pratt is now a sought after movie star playing roles in hits like Guardians of the Galaxy and Jurassic World, he's definitely not opposed to returning to Pawnee.

“As long as I’m in town, yah, I’ll do it,” Pratt told E! News. “It films like 10 minutes from my house so that would be dope. I miss Andy too. I would love it. I know I would do it."

Pratt speaks fondly of his beloved character Andy, and thinks he would become a weatherman in the future. “He would be a good weatherman. He would have no idea what he’s even saying!”

These comments come just about a month after leading lady Amy Poehler told Ellen that a Parks & Rec reunion could happen: “I’ll speak for everybody and say we would all do it. We would all do it someday."

That being said, Nick Offerman had hesitations, telling Ellen it would only happen on one condition: “We said that if Beyonce will play mayor, we’ll bring the show back,” he joked. “This is Beyonce Knowles, the singer.”

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