Chris Holley, the guitar technician for Black Veil Brides, Asking Alexandria and Motionless In White, passed away in his sleep last night after arriving in Los Angeles. Black Veil Brides' Andy Biersack, Asking Alexandria's Ben Bruce and Motionless In White's tour manager Josh Korel have all released statements, which you can read below, along with comments from other band members and personnel.

Alternative Press sends its deepest condolences to Holley's family, friends and fans.

Andy Biersack, Black Veil Brides:

There's is no way I could convey the sadness that it brings to share with you all the passing of our friend and brother..the beautiful and kind Chris Holley. Chris has worked for us as a guitar tech for only a short time but has quickly become one of my best friends in the world. As one of the most sincere and passionate human beings I have ever met it is not hard to understand why he has touched the hearts and minds of so many and while I do not feel that I am even qualified to share this news with you, we thought it was best before the Internet got a hold of his story to honor this amazing man in the most fitting way I know how to which is to simply say that Chris was one of a kind and will forever be missed. 
Chris passed in his sleep last night after arriving in Los Angeles, that is the only information we currently have and we request that everyone respects his family and friends by awaiting anything further from the official coroner's report.
We lost a musician, a friend and a true brother. 
I love you so much Chris. Team tall guys forever.

Ben Bruce, Asking Alexandria: 

No one will ever truly understand what family really means until they are in that moment where you need someone more than you need oxygen. Chris has been my life line, my best friend, my family since the day I met him. He held me up when I was down. He kept me grounded when I was flying too high. My love for Chris can never be put into words. Thank you Chris for just being you. I love you.

Josh Korel, Motionless in White Tour Manager

I don’t even know how to put into words what I'm feeling right now. I saw you yesterday, and today you're gone. There are friends and there are brothers. Today I lost a brother. I love you. I will stay strong for your mom. Terror Twins for life.

Andrew Tkaczyk, The Ghost Inside

Can't believe you're gone man. Chris Holley was fun to be around and a hard worker. We shared many laughs and the dumbest inside jokes. Such terrible news. Rest In Power brother.

Josh Balz, Motionless In White

Goodbye to a friend and to a brother, Chris Holley was always the person to be with if you wanted to be happy and be in a good mood we had our ups and downs but he never let me down and was there for me at my lowest points. It's truly a great loss to the world and we will all miss you Chris

Chris Motionless, Motionless In White

Chris Holley, it was nothing but a pleasure to know you, be on the road with you for over a year, and share the many ridiculous conversations we've had about life, music, relationships, and our mutual love for Strike Anywhere. I will be jamming Exit English all night for you. RIP, my friend. You will be greatly missed.

Cameron Liddell, Asking Alexandria

Today we have lost one off the best guys on this Earth.. One of my best friends. I will miss you so much it's untrue. We have shared some of the most amazing, funny and crazy times I've ever had in my life. My heart goes out to all the family and friends that will be missing him through this upsetting time... I love you so much brother.

Ashley Purdy, Black Veil Brides

My Guitar Tech, friend, party partner and BVB family member passed away this morning in his sleep. Pretty shocking after all of the touring madness around the globe we just endured. This ones for you. Love you brother, RIP Chris Holley -'Wild Boys Be Wild!'

Jake Pitts, Black Veil Brides

I am at a complete loss of words. Life is so strange. Yesterday we were together, today he's gone forever. However you will not be forgotten Chris. I am so sorry to family and friends of Chris Holley who were even closer to him than I. He was a great guy, a great friend, a very talented musician and he is the reason my guitars were always on point, in tune, set up and played great for all the shows we play. Thank you for everything my friend, you will be missed greatly. Rest In Peace: Chris Holley

Ronnie Radke, Falling In Reverse

Hey Chris the short time we've hung out you've been nothing but genuine and awesome. May you rest in peace buddy.