Chris Wollard And The Ship Thieves


This review originally ran in AP 293.

2012 has already brought us the triumphant return of Hot Water Music with the awesome Exister, so the fact that we’re getting a new full-length from HWM guitarist/vocalist Chris Wollard’s side project is just icing on the PBR cake. (It’s a real thing; Google it.) Wollard uses the bulk of Canyons to deliver amped-up roots rock with shit-kicker guitar leads and vocals buried just deep enough in the mix where you have to turn to the lyric sheet to understand what he’s singing. Think of it as a slightly more Southern-rock version of Dinosaur Jr. and you’re close. Unlike the Ship Thieves’ 2009 self-titled debut, Canyons is a largely electric affair, which means a number of songs kind of blend together into one long guitar solo. But man, that guitar solo is tits.

No Idea

"Heavy Rolling Thunder"