On the latest episode of the BadChristian podcast, Aaron Gillespie dove headfirst into the potential of an Underoath reunion, saying, "Hypothetically, [if] everyone called and said, "Let's get Underoath back together and make a record," I would 100 percent do it. 100 percent."

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During an interview featured in the most recent issue of AltPress, Gillespie noted that getting a reunion to happen "is something that's [yet] to be seen," but reiterated that he would do it "100 percent. Easily." (AP 320 is on sale now.)

Throughout the rest of the episode with BadChristian, he touched on his new worship album, Grace Through The Wandering, drumming for Paramore, the current state of the Almost and the '00s era of Underoath and Emery. You can listen to it in full over at BadChristian's official website, with Gillespie's interview beginning around the 35:20 mark.

Created by current Emery members Toby Morrell and Matt Carter and former bassist Joey Svendsen, BadChristian is a faith-based organization that strives to expose sin for what it is and, in turn, strengthen people's relationships with God. Their book, Bad Christian, Great Savior, is available for purchase digitally now.

While not a reunion by any means, Underoath did recently reveal that they will be releasing a farewell DVD, titled Tired Violence, but they need your help to make it happen. Despite having the film partially completed about a year-and-a-half ago, the band ran into some troubles and ended up receiving the project in an extremely fragile, uncompleted state.

Pre-orders, along with VIP screening options in certain cities, are available for purchase now.