There's only a short window of time when Christmas movies feel relevant. Unfortunately, due to rapidly growing selections offered by streaming services, that means you're going to have to do some prioritizing.

Never fear, we are here to make the hard decisions for you. Because really, who needs any added stress during the holiday season?

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Go ahead and construct your ideal emo playlist through the quiz below, and we'll give you a holiday movie to watch based on your tastes.

More on Christmas movies

Tim Burton's cult classic film, directed by Henry Selick and soundtracked by Danny Elfman, debuted in 1993. The fantasy musical follows Jack Skellington as he explores his newfound obsession with Christmas. Given the overlapping elements of Halloween, the movie is often regarded as a staple for both holidays. Of course, it's widely debated which end it leans toward.

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Despite being nearly 30 years out from its debut (feel old yet?), The Nightmare Before Christmas remains largely relevant in pop culture. From dessert recipes to home decor to face masks, imagery from the movie abounds.

In celebrating a socially distanced Halloween, Broadway actor James Monroe Iglehart even organized a livestreamed TNBC benefit concert in coordination with Burton, Elfman and Disney. Other mainstream endeavors include the launch of a makeup line by Revolution Makeup and an assortment of Funko Pop! vinyl figures.

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The film also served as inspiration for Machine Gun Kelly's podcast, HALLOWEEN IN HELLThe four-episode miniseries ran through October and followed a horror-themed competition between artists 24KGoldn and Dana Dentata.

On the more niche side of the spectrum, Charmed Aroma recently released a candle containing a sterling silver Jack Skellington necklace. Build-A-Bear also expanded its thematic collection this season to include Oogie Boogie and Zero plushies alongside existing Jack and Sally bears.