It seems like everyone loves to watch feel-good Christmas movies to get in the holiday spirit once December rolls around. But many holiday movie fans have noticed that some of these classics have dark theories behind them. 

If you scour the internet, there’s no shortage of conspiracy theories about Christmas movies, old and new. Some make our skin crawl, and some will forever change the way we enjoy those holiday staples this time of year.

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In honor of the holidays approaching, we decided to compile 10 theories about Christmas movies that will ruin your childhood. But don’t blame us if you can never watch these films the same way again. 

Max met The Grinch because he was an unwanted gift

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One TikTok user came up with the heartbreaking theory that Max the dog became buddies with The Grinch because he was an unwanted Christmas gift. They believe someone sent him to the dump on Mount Crumpit, where The Grinch resided with other unwanted holiday gifts. This, they say, is how he became the green man’s best friend. 

Frosty The Snowman is a demon

One YouTuber believes Frosty The Snowman is actually a demon created by naughty children. Apparently the children even used dark magic to bring the evil spirit to life. If you listen closely to the classic song depicting the snowman's “birthday,” this theory will start to give you the chills. And we're not talking about snow. 

Santa from The Santa Clause is actually a wizard from Harry Potter


The whole "Santa coming down the chimney" thing is clearly just a muggle conspiracy to cover up the fact that Santa is a wizard traveling by floo powder. from r/harrypotter

A Reddit user brought up the idea that the idea of Santa coming down a chimney is a muggle explanation to a wizard traveling by using Floo Powder. And this might suggest that Santa is a wizard from the Harry Potter universe. While this theory isn’t just describing Santa from The Santa Clause with Tim Allen, it does encourage us to watch the way the film depicts Santa’s magical abilities. 

Buddy from Elf is a creep

[ Elf ] Buddy is not as innocent as you think, and is really a pretty perverted Peeping Tom, among other things. from r/FanTheories

While Elf is one of the most beloved feel-good holiday movies, one Reddit user believes Will Ferrell’s lovable character has a dark, perverted secret. They suggest that Buddy is secretly a peeping Tom who projects himself as an innocent elf to get away with dark deeds. Maybe we need Peter Dinklage to go after him again.

The Santa Clause is about cannibals

Another theory about Allen’s The Santa Clause franchise is about the way the film depicts the life cycle of Santa Claus. To some, it suggests the elves are engaging in cannibalism. Yes, this person believes the family-friendly Christmas film features elves who cook people into cocoa that is enjoyed all over the North Pole. How festive. 

Kevin from Home Alone grew up to be Jigsaw from Saw

One writer at Grantland has a pretty amazing Home Alonetheory for horror lovers: That mischievous little Kevin grows up to be the sinister Jigsaw from the Sawmovies. Think about it: Kevin is troubled, has violent tendencies and records videos at home. The theory is quite a rabbit hole but will totally change the way we view films from both franchises in the future. 

Gus from Home Alone is the devil

[Home Alone] Gus Polanski (John Candy from Home Alone) is a devil from r/FanTheories

Another Home Alone theory is that Kate McCallister sold her soul to the devil, aka Gus Polinski, to get back to her son who she left at home for the holidays. Reddit users believe that once Kate accepted the ride to Chicago from Gus, that was it for her soul for the rest of eternity. 

The homeless man in The Polar Express stays on the train for a reason

There are many theories about the homeless man from The Polar Express around the internet, one being that he's related to the conductor, which is why he stays on the train. Given his limited screen time, we’ll never know the truth, but it does help humanize the conductor and change his dynamic. 

Rudolph is the result of infidelity

Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer is Donner's Bastard Son. from r/FanTheories

Reddit users have also determined that Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer is the way he is because he's actually the child of Donner. Using clues from the animated film, some people believe Rudolph is a bastard child, which is why he's ousted so much at the North Pole

All Tim Burton films are one big story

Tim Burton film connections? from r/FanTheories

A widely popular theory on the internet is that Tim Burton’s movies The Nightmare Before Christmas, Corpse Bride and Frankenweenie are all connected in one universe. It starts with Victor, the protagonist in Frankenweenie, who grows up and finds love in Corpse Bride. He then spends his time in the afterlife as Jack Skellington