Earlier this year, Chuck Ragan and his band, the Camaraderie, revealed the Camaraderie Art Campaign, which asked fans to send in original pieces of artwork inspired by songs from Ragan's latest album, Till Midnight. Today, the first installment from the campaign, inspired by the track, "Vagabond," has been officially released. The piece was done by Atlanta, GA artist Caleb Morris, and will be pressed on a limited run of 100 18x24 posters on card stock, signed by Morris. They're available for purchase now

The artist commented on the piece saying, "I’d been trying to weasel my way into the Chuck Ragan camp for a while and when this came up, I thought it was the perfect project for me,” he explains. “I picked ‘Vagabond’ to illustrate because I’d spent a couple years traveling in a band and now traveling with illustration so I had some idea of what it’s like going from town to town and never staying in one place too long. Joe Ginsberg and the rest of the team were some of the most fun and excited people I’ve had a chance to work with and I tried to capture that spirit in the work.”

You can check out the first original work of the series below. What do you think?