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Every Circa Survive album ranked: From worst to best

During their nearly 18-year run as a band, post-hardcore quintet Circa Survive made a substantial impact on the alternative music scene through their seven genre-defining albums. Fronted by the charismatic and dynamic Anthony Green, Circa Survive’s music pushed the boundaries of their core genre by writing inventive song arrangements that meandered between virtuosic guitar and drum work to melodic sensibilities that highlighted Green’s high-pitched and unmistakable vocals. 

Upon the band’s formation in 2004, Green already had a lot of hype surrounding him, having recently and abruptly departed Southern California screamo mainstays Saosin just as they began to take off. Despite the enormous feat of launching a second career in the wake of an already blossoming legacy, Green did the impossible. Circa Survive became and continue to remain Green’s most identifiable and beloved musical project. 

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While the Warped Tour scene initially adopted the band due to Green’s initial tenure with Saosin, the band quickly graduated to new audiences, drawing everyone from post-rock fans to hip indie-rock tastemakers. Unsurprisingly, Circa Survive toured with a wide range of acts and even had a brief yet impactful moment in the mainstream spotlight at the dawn of the 2010s. 

However, the band went on an indefinite hiatus in the fall of 2022 after a series of COVID-19-related delays to their touring schedule and Green’s well-documented battles with mental health and substance misuse. But one thing is for sure: Circa Survive left behind a tremendous legacy. When the time is right, one can only assume they will return more vigorously with a host of compelling new material. 

Every Circa Survive album ranked

Here we ranked all seven of Circa Survive’s studio albums, from worst to best.