Everyone knows that one song. Once you hear the opening cords, you immediately know this is the beginning of the end. This is the closing song, so it’s the last chance to sing your heart out and push that raspy voice one last glorious mile. While setlists among bands can vary from show to show, some artists stick to one song before the curtain drops. In absolutely no order or ranking, here are 10 of those classic songs that have concluded many memorable, sweaty evenings.

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State Champs – “Secrets

State Champs’ “Secrets” is an anthem of individuality and vulnerability inspiring all who attend their shows. In this track, Derek DiScanio boldly admits his secrets to the audience, emboldening listeners while making himself as vulnerable as a frontman can get.

All Time Low – “Dear Maria, Count Me In

This pop-punk closing anthem is legendary for concluding the evening on an energetic note. The song became All Time Low’s first to chart on Billboard in 2008, reaching No. 86 on the Pop 100, luring more ears beyond their already solid fanbase.

Strung Out – “Matchbook

Nothing gets fans moving like the opening chords of “Matchbook,” Strung Out’s longtime pop-punk concert closer. It’s an empowering song that shows vulnerability and a sentimentality in the Californian band who were just beginning their nearly 30-year career.

The Bronx – “History’s Stranglers

Some bands end their shows on a quiet, more subdued note. The Bronx are not one of those bands. At the end of their legendary live shows, which usually includes lead vocalist Matt Caughthran dangling from the ceiling, the Bronx leave the crowd more energized with this hardcore classic.

Black Veil Brides – “In The End

A longtime closer for Black Veil Brides’ shows, “In The End” is an uplifting finale to a night of songs that don’t always reflect positive experiences. Philosophical and existential, the song has frontman Andy Black asking listeners, “In the end, as you fade into the night, who will tell the story of your life?”