It’s been over five years since Claudio Sanchez, better known as the frontman for Coheed and Cambria, last shared a new installment of The Amory Wars comic series. Today, he’s announcing a final 12-issue chapter of the franchise called No World For Tomorrow, out via BOOM! Studios.

“I’ve been living with this story for some time knowing its secrets and twists, and I’m beyond thrilled that they’re finally going to be revealed…” Sanchez exclusively tells us.

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Ever since 2005, The Amory Wars has acted as a companion to most of the band’s catalog. The story, however, became so complex that Sanchez penned its own comic book adaptation. Together with his co-writer and wife, Chondra Echert, the duo have created an enduring sci-fi tale that upends fans into a universe called Heaven’s Fence. 

“These concepts have lived in [my] head for as long as I’ve been alive, and so I can become territorial [about them], but [my wife] has been immersed in The Amory Wars world for so long that she understands the mechanics of the relationships and the energy of the story,” he shared with AP in 2022. “So, for the most part, those moments of butting heads are few and far between. It’s a committee; it’s not a dictatorship.”

Stay tuned for a release date and more information related to the series.