Clowns are cranking up the noise with their new record, Nature/Nurture, bringing AP along for the ride to share the album.

Split into two segments, Nature/Nurture kicks off as a buffeting mix of varied instruments and belting vocals, but takes aim at serious subject matter between the noise.

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The band look to find balance between songs, pitting opposing ideas against one another through different ways.

“All throughout Nature/Nurture our concept was to display opposing elements on both sides of the record, representing differing styles, themes [and] thoughts,” the band says.  

Describing the record as “an argument within itself,” they pose the age-old philosophical inquiry of nature or nurture throughout the album.

“Our idea was to write songs that juxtapose each other thematically and represent ideas and themes that clash against one another,” the band explains. “But when tied in as an entire record, [the songs] blend into each other and create their own being to symbolize the process of nature and nurture.”

The in-depth questions are posed through pure, headbanging punk rock, but the band never stop scrutinizing life, government, mental health and everything in between.

“We are so intrigued by the debate and power of nature vs. nurture and its inherent omnipresence in all of us,” the band says. “We are all bound by inherent nature to some degree. It’s not a deciding factor of our life or future, but the nature we inherit is too powerful to be undermined. I’m intrigued by the conversations about mental health and if it has the ability to be inherited.”

Listen to Nature/Nurture front to back below.

Nature/Nurture is available for preorder now. However, on April 13, Clowns will be performing an in-store set at Poison City Records in Melbourne to honor Record Store Day. Purchasing their album there comes with a free hot sauce sample, and you can check out more information here.