As we all know, Code Orange are nominated for a Grammy, and they're clearly taking that nomination very seriously—with some epic billboards in Times Square. Check out the incredible advertisements below!

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As Code Orange shared on Twitter, their Roadrunner Records billboard says: "For your Grammy Consideration. Code Orange. Best Metal Performance. Forever."

Fans have been sharing the epic sightings on Twitter, and we're excited to see the band getting some much-deserved attention on the streets of NYC. See some of the epic photos and videos below:

Code Orange are one of the nominees for Best Metal Performance for the 60th annual Grammy Awards, alongside August Burns Red, Body Count, Mastodon and Meshuggah.

If anything's clear, the bands who are getting Grammy attention this year are a different breed than metal bands of years past.

"Code Orange, for example, is one of the heaviest hardcore/metal bands in the industry right now. It’s hard to conceive that their extremely brutal 'Forever' has garnered the admiration and respect of a voting committee that tends to air on the conservative or traditional side of metal," Taylor Markarian writes. "Amidst all of the disbelief over this, one thing is certain: Times are changing."

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