OK, you have to admit that Adele’s “Hello” is an amazing track—what a comeback. Not too many artists can disappear from the industry and stop the world with their return, iconically starting their comeback song with, “Hello, it’s me.” We get it Adele, you’re back, you’re amazing and you’ve won. But some of us are too busy trying to avoid mainstream radio hits to roll the windows down and flatly scream your high notes. Lucky for those kids, Coheed and Cambria’s Claudio Sanchez released a cover.

Sanchez’ cover appeared on Conan’s Team Coco website yesterday, and amongst all of the obligatory covers of the chart-topping smash hit, this rendition really stands out. Stripped down with just an acoustic guitar, Sanchez recorded the entire cover alone in his bedroom with just one take. We all know Sanchez has an incredible voice and dare we say: He hit even higher notes than Adele.

Let us know what you think. Head on over to Team Coco, watch the cover and let your alternative soul rejoice that you finally can listen to “Hello” without feeling guilty for listening to pop music.