It’s National Taco Day, and while everyone might be dreaming of Taco Bell and Chipotle, that’s clearly not the only option out there. Apparently even Cold Stone can get in on the action, and get in on it they did.

Cold Stone Creamery may be known for their ice cream and ability to choose all your mix-ins, but it looks like the sweet shop didn’t want to miss out on all of the taco fun.

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For today only, Cold Stone is selling waffle tacos, and honestly, sign us up.

The tacos are made of a waffle cone shell. They’re then stuffed with ice cream and drizzled with sauces. As if that’s not enough, even the shells got in on the fun with sprinkles. It’s basically a dream come true.

Check out the photo below.

This isn’t the first time that ice cream and tacos have combined as Klondike makes a Choco Taco. The treat is similar to Cold Stone’s creation where a cone makes up the shell. Inside the Choco Toco, ice cream is filled to the brim and covered with a hard, chocolate coating and nuts.

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While the treat was originally sold through ice cream trucks, Taco Bell eventually began selling them, bringing it to the mainstream.

People are so here for Cold Stone’s new treat, and who can blame them?

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