Cold World

How The Gods Chill

Heads will bang on How The Gods Chill, Cold World’s latest album, produced by Will Yip. Reincarnated NYHC riffs are relentless (“Blind,” “The Real Deal”), bass adds plates to the rack, vocals change hands from hoarse to hooks (“No More Fun And Games”) and the whole gang hurl curveballs like the genre orgy of “Hell’s Direction” featuring Kool G. Rap. “Never Knows Best” ties the tangled riffs of Life Of Agony’s Ugly and tops them off with a curb-stompin’ close. Further down the tracklisting, “Never” forces down throaty melodies segued by a spiderwalk of stoner metal, not to mention a ripping guitar solo. Despite its time stamp, “Youthful Expression 2014” is straight-ahead, smash-everything hardcore that is akin to their Ice Grillz beginnings, only better. Blacklisted’s George Hirsch takes over “Omega,” dominating its serpent groove, his hosts striking open notes like a match (or Snapcase) and a killer breakdown born on Burn’s debut 7-inch. Cold World wear their influences proudly, while fashioning a style all their own.

Deathwish Inc.

“The Real Deal”