[Photo credit: Kurt Cuffy]

Coldfront, who recently signed to Equal Vision Records, is teaming up with Alt Press to announce a new EP, Is This Where They Found You?.

The EP will drop July 8, but you can check out the new music video for "Molly Blooms" here first.

Sam Guaiana, who has worked with Canadian bands Rarity and Like Pacific, produced the album, which the band took a year to write and was completed in the fall of 2015.

"Now here we in 2016 finally putting it out. When we began this process we weren’t the same band we are now," says drummer Michael Kelly. "Half of us were still fulltime students, and the others were starting new careers, so we were pretty busy outside of the band. The release of this EP will mark a new beginning for us where we start taking things a little more seriously.”

You can preorder their EP here, and check out the music video for their debut single “Molly Blooms” below. Let us know what you think in the comments!

Track listing:

1. Molly Blooms

2. Reduced

3. Shed Light

4. Up

5. Lifted