Riverdale star Cole Sprouse lets fans in on some of the inner workings behind his character arc on the popular The CW series, the Jughead actor giving the Season 3 scoop during an "Ask Me Anything" session on Reddit.

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The third season of Riverdale currently underway, Sprouse's recent AMA found the performer telegraphing Jughead's motive and demeanor. Responding to one fan question,  he speaks of the character's season-by-season development.

"Jughead was definitely a different character in season 2, and will be in season 3 as well," says Sprouse of his Riverdale portrayal. "Every season is a slightly different genre and feeling, and so the characters are re-imagined slightly as well"

Jughead's drastic changes, he notes, are all part of the show's extreme character development. For the new season, the Archie Comics personality will again have a different spin compared to the previous Riverdale seasons.

"Season three, after his close call with the grim reaper, he's calm, loyal, confident, brave, and understanding of his own mistakes," the actor adds before saying Jughead will also eat more onscreen. "Also he eats all the time, I think you'll like him."

The quip about eating seemingly stems from Sprouse's original vision for the TV show character: "I think of [J]ughead's eating as a nice little homage to the digests, while also being 'food for thought,'" he says. "Eating in order to think clearly.

"I think if I could go back to season 2, I would have eaten a lot more."

What do you think of Jughead's character evolution on the new Riverdale? Are you currently watching the third season of the show? Sound off in the comments, and let us know your take on Cole Sprouse, Jughead and Riverdale!

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