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Fine Brothers Entertainment are known for their epic reaction videos, and this time around college kids reacted to Melanie Martinez. They had plenty to say about her creative—and somewhat creepy—music videos, but they totally appreciated it. And we're all about it.

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Many of the reactors had heard of Martinez, but the few who hadn’t were shocked by the first music video they watched for “Mad Hatter,” an eerie, Alice In Wonderland-inspired video featuring a clip of Martinez… peeling off her facial skin?

But Martinez has a style all her own, and the stories her songs tell truly had an impact on them. After watching the video for “Mrs. Potato Head,” featuring a character getting plastic surgery solely because her significant other told her to, they realize just how relatable her tunes really are. “It was a sad reality of life… I’m getting emotional just thinking about it because it’s so real.”

They call her a female power producer and creative, talking further about the film that she's set to make to coincide with her next record. In a previous interview, Martinez says that she's doing it all—and we're blown away, as are the college kids. And when asked if they’d be interested in purchasing her new record that’s reportedly set to drop next year, one gal, Madison, responded by saying: “It creeped me out, but I’m weirdly intrigued.”

And one guy, Tom, responded with a resounding yes: “She’s my queen, hell yeah!” And we can only agree. 

Watch their reaction video below!

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