The East Village bar Continental, that once hosted bands such as the Ramones, Guns N’ Roses and Iggy Pop, is closing its doors for good after 27 years.

After announcing a year ago that the bar would close in August 2018, owner Trigger Smith says the date has been pushed back to Dec. 15.

Why? So they could host one last night of rock.

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Jesse Malin is scheduled to host the final night Dec. 15. Smith is working with promoters Steve Lewis and Vito Bruno to make the night special, according to Page Six.

“Closing down is heartbreaking, but it has truly been an honor running my club in the city where I grew up, and I’ve loved every minute of it,” Smith says.

Continental has been at its current location for 27 years, but it stopped hosting music in 2006. Instead, it become a dive bar that offered five shots for $12.

Prior to that, the bar hosted a variety of acts. Some scene favorites that hit its stage include All Time Low, Bayside, Bowling For Soup and Plain White T’s.

A tribute to Joey Ramone hangs in the Continental, along with a short paragraph about his time at the dive bar. The plaque talks about Ramone as both a person and a musician, humbly mentioning how Ramone played his last show at the Continental. The plaque reads:

“In the mid 70’s, the Ramones changed the sound of Rock and Roll music forever. Punk Rock was born. Since then, whether playing a small club like this one or stadiums, Joey always stayed true to his roots, his fans, and the music.

“Joey never turned down an autograph request and no one has ever supported a local scene more than Joey and his beloved New York City. New York and especially the Lower East Side, loved him right black.

“It’s hard to imagine the future without him. Thank God we’ve got the music to listen to whenever we want to and especially whenever we need to.

“Joey’s last show was here at the Continental, December 11, 2000. His spirit will live on here and all over the world forever.

“Joey, we will never forget you.”

Watch a clip of Ramone’s last show at the Continental below.

After Dec. 15, the building and the closed McDonald’s next to it will be torn down. A seven-story structure with two floors of retails and offices will be built in its place, according to Page Six.