So, I'm kinda already over using Wilco song titles for my blogs. I'm a chick. I can change my mind. 

Anyway, there are three things I've gotten in the mail recently that I'm super excited about. Two of them are albums, and one is possibly the coolest thing I've ever received in the mail at AP (since I got a one of these in the mail, anyway).

First, the albums. I was thrilled to find out Jagjaguwar is releasing another Okkervil River CD on Sept. 9. You may (or may not) recall that I listed Stage Names as one of the "10 Essential" albums of 2007. I've only had a chance to listen to it a couple of times, but, excitingly, it seems to pick up where the 2007 album left off, combining lyrical vignettes with one of my favorite male singing voices. Sadly, their September and October tour doesn't bring them anywhere near Cleveland. (If I lived in Fargo, North Dakota, though….) It's a bit of a bummer, for sure. I've cursed out Cleveland before for being left off choice routings, but I suppose in the end that's not so much the city's fault as the booker… 

The other album I'm really excited about is one I don't think I can name because nothing official has been put up on the band's or the label's websites. However, it's really fun and funky and noisy and dance-y (yes, that's the scientific explanation) all at the same time. I will give you a hint, though. This band also had an album out last year (which had really snazzy cover art), and the title of the album had not one, but two punctuation marks. So there ya go.

Now, for the raddest thing I got in the mail… As part of my job as managing editor, I help to make sure all of our editors stay organized and plan their sections ahead of time and meet deadlines. In the unpredictable industry of music, that's not always the easiest task. However, I do think my job will go a little smoother now that I have this bad boy to act as my enforcer:

Yes. It's really aluminum.