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Robert Ham

I had always fancied the idea of being a music writer, but without a lot of motivation or advice in how to reach that vaunted place, I spent a lot of time writing shitty show reviews and CD reviews for lots of places that would let me do it for free (Lollipop Magazine, Dagger, my high school newspaper). I concentrated on playing music and living out my minimum wage dreams in a series of increasingly annoying jobs. It wasn't until a band mate of mine started dating a girl who was the editor of PDX Magazine (hi Liz!). She graciously allowed me to write some show previews for their calendar.

A few months later, a kind editor (hi Shawn!) at the Oregonian newspaper saw my work and decided to reach out to me, asking me to write some stuff for their A&E section. I actually got paid to write something. All felt right with the world at last. With that motivation, I've been moving ever forward, working with a variety of print and online publications, before reaching the pinnacle of getting my work published in a glossy, nationally distributed magazine: Alternative Press. Never thought I'd see the day, to be honest with you.

The person I really have to thank for all of this is my older brother (hi Bill!). He's been a constant source of inspiration both as a writer and musician. Without his well-chosen mix tapes and long conversations about music and culture -- as well as pointed advice about stuff I'm working on -- I likely wouldn't be the obnoxious know-it-all geek that has helped me cultivate this fun piecemeal career as a writer.


Feel free to follow me on Twitter (@bob_ham), read my blog, or listen to my weekly radio show.


MY 10 FAVORITE ALBUMS (That Would Most Likely Never Get Covered In Alternative Press)

1. Odessey And Oracle - The Zombies

2. Two Wheels Good - Prefab Sprout

3. Mars Audiac Quintet - Stereolab

4. Bird-Dog - The Verlaines

5. Different Class - Pulp

6. A Love Supreme - John Coltrane

7. The Yellow Princess - John Fahey

8. Music For 18 Musicians - Steve Reich

9. Power, Corruption, & Lies - New Order

10. The Low End Theory - A Tribe Called Quest

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