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Sierra Kusterbeck

Sierra Kusterbeck

HQ: St. Petersburg, FL


I ditched high school junior year to join alternative rock pop band, VersaEmerge, at age 17. We've released two EPS and toured nonstop with bands like We The Kings, Cobra Starship, Boys Like Girls, the Maine, Our Last Night and I See Stars, along with the Give It a Name festival in the U.K., Grozrock in Belguim and Warped Tour 2009. Recently,we took time off to record our first full length, Fixed at Zero, which was released June 22nd. I'm now on my second year of Warped Tour and featured on the cover of AP's Warped issue. You can find me singing on the Glamour Kills stage this summer.



  1. Lady Gaga - The Fame
  2. Mutemath - Armistice
  3. Modern Life Is War - Midnight In America
  4. Sublime - 40 oz. To Freedom
  5. Bjork - Vespertine

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