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October 5, 2008
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(I promise this blog isn't a lie like the last one. I'm an unreliable narrator by nature, but I'm not usually that bad.)

I know what you're thinking.

"It was only a matter of time before Tim's rampant egocentrism and constant self deprecation led to inevitably referring to himself in the third person."

And while you're probably right, it hasn't happened just yet. (Talk to me in five months and let's see where we are.)

So here's why this blog is titled as it is: Remember a few blogs back when I got paranoid that a major premium cable channel had been stealing my identity for a cartoon? Towards the end of that entry, I mentioned that another guy has already snagged the domain name.

Funny thing happened last week.

The other Tim Karan e-mailed me.

I was a little reluctant to open it since, well, the guy is mayor pro tempore of an entire town, and I'm a snotty kid (more or less) who was whining on a national level (even though only 14 people read this blog, they're spread out all over this great country).

But, actually, he had no idea I'd even mentioned him. It was just a crazy coincidence. Chick it out [sic]:


Well hello, So I'm at a meeting last week in DC and I have on my name tag "TIM KARAN" and this guy stops me and says, "I love your work with Altpress." Guess he thought I was you. I went back to the room and googled myself and learned I am not the only tim karan. I thought that was only a problem for j. smith. Any way thought I'd pass on you have a big fan in the DC area.

Take Care.


Timothy Karan

Mayor Pro-Tempore

City of Creedmoor

First of all, what this clearly means is that I'm famous as hell.

But it sucks that the first time I was recognized just for my name on a name tag, it wasn't actually me at all.

I coulda signed an autograph, but instead I was 371 miles northwest, probably playing Madden in my undies.

So I wrote my respectable alter-ego back and he returned the favor, and I'm pretty sure we're best friends forever now (hmm…if only there were a way to abbreviate 'best friends forever'…).

The moral of this story, I guess, is that if you Google yourself and find out that there's another person with your name, don't automatically get territorial. They may be pretty rad. Plus, you never know when you're gonna need to fake your own death, and having someone else with your name has probably gotta have some advantage.

Written by Tim Karan