When more and more musicians are living like this:

And the top music industry executives live like this:

Music fans go and steal music thinking they're robbing the:

But instead are actually hurting the:

Because, believe it or not, the majority of musicians don't live like:


And, instead, live like:

Because, most of them, don't see much:


Who should be developing the next model for the music industry to operate in like:

But instead think more like:

When they could give us things that are useful to music fans along the lines of:

But instead tend to come up with things similar to:

So until they can figure out what the hell they're going to do, if you really want to support your favorite band, take your:

Go to their:

Or their:

Or, even to your local:

And help them so they don't have to live like:


Everything is so messed up.

Why Is It?