Cool guy Dave Grohl dedicates song to girl with broken leg in crowd, signs her cast

Dave Grohl's headline-stealing Foo Fighters tour across America continues. At Tuesday's show in Los Angeles, the rock-and-roll wizard noticed a girl with a broken leg and cast, and given that Dave's still in his cast from breaking his leg on stage back in June, he immediately decided to dedicate the next song to her to make sure she was having a good time. 

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“This one, I usually dedicate to the road crew, and the people who built the throne, and all that bullshit,” he told the crowd before jumping into “Big Me.” “I’m going to sing this one for the little lady who broke her leg too, how bout that?”

Dave also promised the girl that he would sign her cast, which he delivered on once the show was over. Check out the videos of the song and Dave signing the cast below.