In an age of reboots and remakes, really nothing can surprise us. But when talk of a Coraline live-action film started making the rounds on Twitter, many were confused—including the book’s author Neil Gaiman.

Yesterday, several Twitter users started talking about a live-action Coraline. As the internet often does, it took an idea and ran with it spiraling into a viral moment online.

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Gaiman published Coraline in 2002, and it was later adapted as a stop-motion film in 2009. Henry Selick, who also worked on The Nightmare Before Christmas, was brought in as director with a cast that included Dakota Fanning as the titular character.

Many expressed their opinions on whether or not a live-action film should exist. Some wanted nothing to do with it while others were hoping it would actually follow the source material’s darkness.

Others were all for it, choosing who they think should play the titular character. One of the top choices was Stranger Things actress Natalia Dyer as well as Billie Eilish.

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The only problem? No one knew where the confirmation of a live-acton remake originated including Gaiman.

“If anyone has any idea where this ‘live action Coraline’ nonsense started can you send me a link?” he tweeted. “All I can see is thousands of upset people who have apparently all heard it from each other.”

One Twitter user tried to shine a positive light on Gaiman’s confusion, telling him, “So..... maybe, and this is really out there.... but maybe, you could do it now you know there's loads of interest???”

Gaiman crushed the dreams of any Coraline fan hoping for the remake. “All I'm seeing is literally thousands of tweets from people going ‘No!’” he said. “I think it's had the opposite effect. If it had ever crossed anyone's mind (it hadn't) it would now not be a thing.”

Gaiman’s followers helped trace back the source of the remake talk, with one pointing out it may have been due to a Dyer fan accout.

“As far as I can tell, a Natalia Dyer fan account posted that she would make a good Coraline. People got so mad about the idea of a live action remake, that it created the impression that it was happening.”

Someone else pointed out people were sharing their ideal castings for Disney remakes, and Coraline was brought into the mix.

“I think it started because al lot of people were fan-casting live action Disney remakes and someone suggested an actress for a live action Coraline,” the user explained. “I‘m pretty sure that person only did it for fun and never claimed there actually WAS a remake.”

Gaiman responded, “Absolutely, and then people got upset about something [not] happening anyway. Oh well. Welcome to 2019 again.”

Gaiman also cleared up a posting for a casting call, which is traced back to a 2017 student film.

“Category: student film, non paid non union might be a clue that it's not real, if people think it is,” he tweeted.

And if you needed any further confirmation that a live-action Coraline isn’t in the cards, then Gaiman cleared it all up with a straightforward “No.”

For those still hoping for more Coraline in any capacity, there might be a tinge of hope. One Twitter user asked “Would you ever write another Coraline book or do you think there’s no need for it??” Gaiman responded, “If I ever come up with a Coraline story better than Coraline.”

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