Slipknot's iconic debut self-titled album turns 21-years-old this week. In celebration of the anniversary, Corey Taylor is reflecting back on the band's career.

In a new piece for Knotfest, Taylor opens up about the band's self-titled era. He also reveals which Slipknot song is his favorite.

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In the Knotfest piece, Taylor spills many secrets revolving around the band's career including which bands influenced Slipknot's self-titled LP and the song lyrics he's still very proud of.

Taylor also takes the time to reveal which Slipknot song is his all-time favorite. His response is a true throwback to 1999. For Taylor, not only is "Scissors" his favorite song off of their debut, but it is also his favorite song the band have ever released.

"My favorite by far is 'Scissors,'" he says. "To this day it’s my favorite Slipknot song. I love it because every time we would play it, the whole second half was improvised. We played at each other, free form, free prose, everything. It was violent and gorgeous. Nothing will ever replace it for me- when we stopped playing it live, I had a hard time enjoying our sets for a very long time."

In the new interview, Taylor also reveals that various artists inspired him while creating Slipknot's 1999 album.

"I can’t speak for the rest of the band," he continues. "But I know to me, some of our influences on that album were bands like Faith No More, Neurosis, Korn, Obituary, Acid Bath, Public Enemy, Anthrax, NWA, etc."

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Along with "Scissors," Taylor also reveals that "Eyeless" is a standout song on their debut album for him. The lyrics written for that particular song are still something Taylor is proud of over 20 years later.

"I’ve always loved the lyrics for 'Eyeless,'" he says. "I’d never written anything as raw and open before. It was all about the absence of my father, being a teenage addict and also being forced to enter NA and Alateen when I was still fucked up. In treatment, they kept telling me ‘it’s all in your head.' That line resonates with me to this day."

Due to coronavirus, Slipknot were forced to cancel their Knotfest shows this summer. To make up for the canceled shows, they reimagined to offer exclusive content, interviews, news, performances, merch and more.

In May, Taylor also revealed that he secretly recorded his debut solo album. He says that the album will be filled with songs he’s written over the years for Slipknot and Stone Sour that never quite seemed to fit with either project. He also previously confirmed that the album will be based in rock, but he is exploring with other genres.

You can stream Corey Taylor's favorite Slipknot song "Scissors" below.

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