Corey Taylor has announced that Slipknot are eyeing a summer 2019 release date for their long-awaited sixth studio record, and notes the band are planning a "big world tour."

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2019 is already looking to be a big year for the band with Shawn "Clown" Crahan recently revealing a forthcoming reissue of the band’s self-titled album. Now with a haunted house, a new record and a huge world tour on the way, Slipknot sure are busy.

In an interview with Resurrection Fest TV, Taylor spoke about the band's plans for their upcoming LP, the first record release since 2014’s .5: The Gray Chapter:

“…It all depends on when we get in the studio. Right now, the plan is for us to be in the studio early next year — like, first couple of months next year. So, a couple of months to get that going, a couple of months to get production, new masks, new outfits, new everything. And hopefully be able to come and start touring in the summer when the album comes out.”

He also elaborated on the writing process for the record, adding that the band currently have 20 "really, really good" demoed songs. Plus, he teases something more coming post-album:

"Right now, we have 20 songs that we've demoed. And they are really, really good. So it'll just come down to which ones come out the best, and we take that, we make the album out of that, put the album out.
However, the way we're talking right now, we're trying to find ways that everyone can hear all the songs. So we'll put the album out, and then maybe we'll release something after that. It's something that we're really trying to think of — giving the audience more, giving the fans more of us.
But it's gotta make sense — it's gotta be Slipknot. It can't just be something that throw out there because we can; it's gotta have art, it's gotta have content, it's gotta have passion to it."

Slipknot’s album, everything we know so far:

While the band is still in the early stages of recording, in a recent Q&A session with Kerrang, the vocalist shared that the band’s next full-length effort will be reminiscent of their 2001 sophomore milestone release, Iowa.

“This is Iowa levels of heavy,” Taylor said. “And I have to go out and tour this shit at my age. I can feel those songs in my back! I am really, really excited about it.”

Taylor also shared that the band’s new album will blow their most recent LP out of the water.

"[The songs] are fucking dangerous. I loved .5 [The Gray Chapter], but this album, to me, makes .5 look like nobody’s business.”

In other news...

Slipknot will be celebrating Halloween with a band-themed haunted house in their home state of Iowa. It’s a joint effort between the group and local Des Moines attraction the Slaughterhouse.

The “ultimate nightmare come true” will feature music, characters and imagery plucked straight out of the Slipknot catalog, as reported by The Des Moines Register. And it’s an event tailor-made for Slipknot’s dedicated fan base.

Check out a teaser for the haunted house below!

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