The social media wonder that is Ava Louise has done it again, this time with Dr. Phil. Does Ava Louise not ring any bells? It shouldn't. To clarify, it's the girl who went viral for licking the toilet seat on an airplane and starting that whole "Coronavirus Challenge" on TikTok challenge just last week. 

Well now Louise, who will henceforth be dubbed toilet seat girl, appeared on Dr. Phil to plead her case against the coronavirus, boomers, the media and everything in between. 

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If you're unfamiliar with toilet seat girl, she went viral last week for licking the toilet seat on an airplane bathroom in (protest?) against the coronavirus. This sparked the Coronavirus Challenge which has led at least one other "influencer" to test positive for COVID-19 after licking a toilet seat. 

Well now our porcelain princess is attempting to keep that media momentum going by dropping some "truth" on Dr. Phil.

Dr. Phil invited her on his show, which he is creating from home to follow quarantine guidelines

Toilet seat girl says all sorts of potentially inflammatory things, at one point telling Dr. Phil she would "pull up and cough on [him].” But that's not all. 

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Toilet seat girl reveals that she had bleached the seat multiple times before licking it. She also revealed that it was her sugar daddy's private plane so the danger wasn't that bad anyway, saying, "I've had dirtier things in my mouth." 

“I was, like, really annoyed that corona was getting more publicity than me," she says. Toilet seat girl licked the seat while going on spring break, hence the private plane.

When questioned by Dr. Phil about why she ignored the regulations in the first place, she says, "I was fine. I made out with a bunch of people. I was not hygienic. I acted like a degenerate. My immune system was down from all the drinking and drugs, and I should have coronavirus. But I don’t, and no one down there does. There’s not a lot of cases in Miami."

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After debating with Dr. Phil regarding how severe the coronavirus is, she accuses him of being part of the Illuminati and that boomers are the ones being selfish because this virus only affects them. 

“You know what’s ridiculously irresponsible and selfish is that your generation only cares about this virus because it affects you,” toilet seat girl says, adding, “You’re blowing this pandemic to crazy proportions, instilling fear in the nation, because you feel like it affects boomers.”

When questioned by Dr. Phil again about the severity of the virus, the Doc asks her if she even knows how to spell "science." 

"Duh, I'm a senior at Rutgers[...] this whole thing's a joke," she says. "Clout started this virus." She then rambles on about China before adding "I get it because I'm a clout chaser myself."

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Dr. Phil asks her point-blank, “If you infect one person that loses their life, is it worth it for you to have this attention?”

“Yeah,” she replies.

To be noted, the toilet seat girl has appeared on Dr. Phil before about wanting to be famous saying "I'd rather die hot than live ugly." It's highly doubtful that anyone takes her seriously, but if you do, well don't. 

This is another stage in the saga of internet stardom and hopefully, this will pass just like fidget spinners and eating Tide pods. Stay safe out there. 

You can watch all of the videos below, or head to Dr. Phil's website here and check them out in full. 

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