There’s no denying the coronavirus has radically changed our way of life. We worry about family, friends and loved ones and hoping that they will be safe in the weeks ahead. And then some of us just want to lick an airplane toilet seat for clicks and giggles. Get ready for the “coronavirus challenge.”

Yesterday, social media maven Ava Louise got on TikTok to spice up the world’s isolationism. She posted a quick clip of her licking an airplane toilet seat, under the guise of reminding people to be sanitary on planes. Considering how many empty aircraft are currently flying in the world right now, Louise should have just made a clip of her showing people how to set the clock on their VCRs. Still, labelled “coronavirus challenge,” the clip spread like…uh… wildfire.

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The clip did have the desired effect, going (ugh) “viral,” and triggering everything from smh-posturing to seething outrage. Fox News talking head Meghan McCain vehemently suggested Louise should be thrown in jail. The outrage stems from people accusing Louise of carelessly suggesting impressionistic minds should follow her lead. What we really don’t know is how much hand sanitizer she slathered that seat with before using that same mouth she kisses her parents with.

In this digital age, we celebrate the most ridiculous stuff. And in times of national emergency, some people want to push the lines of purported “decency” even further. But are we crossing some lines when we embrace such actions? Even the darkest humor has a need to be re-evaluated.

Besides, it’s not like anyone is actually going to top Louise’s tongue fun. Oh, wait a minute… never mind.