While people have been looking at when concerts are going to return through the coronavirus pandemic, a California design firm has come up with an idea for a protective suit people could wear at shows.

The high-tech protective suit crafted by Production Club is dubbed the "Micrashell" and is designed specifically with concert-goers in mind.

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News station KNTV reported about the suit speaking with Miguel Risueno, the company’s head of inventions.

“Micrashell is a solution for bringing people together safely,” says Risueno. “It’s a half suit that kind of takes your safety and your security in terms of being close to airborne particles or viruses to the next level.”

The design is an offshoot of a hazmat suit with an airtight design, app-controlled speakers, a microphone and an N95 filter system.

There is a rear vent on the back of the helmet suctioning air through a filtration system before being filtered a second time and expelling into the air around the person wearing it.

Risueno notes that drinking, vaping or smoking are still possible while wearing the suit. Nozzles are attached to snap-in canisters allowing for people to still enjoy themselves while wearing the suit at concerts.

“It’s another thing you don’t need to remove the helmet for, because if you remove the helmet and the shield, you are now compromised,” Risueno says.

The company is proposing renting the suits to venues who will be responsible for sanitizing it.

“With our solution we are trying to make space available for everyone,” Risueno says.

They have a patent-pending but hopes to have test models coming soon.

“We said we still need to find a solution because people are still going out,” Risuneo told KNTV. “People are still going to party and still skipping social distance measures.”

You can see some of the design photos and learn more about the suit here.

What do you think of the protective coronavirus suit? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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