In a series of Instagram comments, Hole’s Courtney Love held back none of her opinions regarding Bikini Kill. Following Bikini Kill’s reunion announcement, Love selected a few controversial terms to describe the band.  

Commenting on a post from Bust Magazine, Courtney Love called Bikini Kill “the biggest hoax in rock ‘n’ roll.” Additionally, the Hole frontwoman interacted with other comments of similar taste to further driver her opinions home.

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In Bust’s Instagram post, the publication asks for Bikini Kill to add a few more reunion dates, as the four that were previously announced sold out in literal seconds thanks to ticket bots. However, Love clearly does not think more Bikini Kill dates are necessary.

According to NME, Love agreed to a comment that claims the riot grrrrl movement was a “failed experiment.”

“Riot grrrl was a failed experiment that died the second they decided shunning their own exposure was the "anti-establishment" way,” the Instagram user says. “It, and Bikini Kill, were sort of over before they even started.

Love interacted with the comment, saying “Exactly! Now back to Paris , the couture , and chanting.”

Additionally, Love replied to another comment, calling Bikini Kill “total amateurs.”

“It’s worse when I speak truth to rock male industrial complex,” Love says in a comment. “But at least I have the best view . Two of that band total amateurs . Hanna is a good hype man . But her persona is such a diy nonsense dilettante. A big idea they cannot convey , because they suck . That’s all ! Back to Paris couture , because frocks don’t trigger me . Ce vai !”

Bikini Kill, Courtney Love

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Additionally, Love says that she is working on reuniting Hole.

According to Spin, the longtime feud between Courtney Love and Bikini Kill started back when Kurt Cobain was still alive. Apparently, Love accused Kathleen Hanna of stalking Cobain. Additionally, in 1995, Love swung at Hanna and wound up with a one-year suspended sentence for assault.

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