Courtney Love recently dropped a tearful acoustic cover of Britney Spears’ “Lucky” as part of her Instagram covers series. The rendition was posted on Love’s Instagram as a show of solidarity for the pop singer.

Spears has become the subject of attention lately due to her requests to end her father’s conservatorship. As it turns out, the singer has fought for years to regain control of her financial affairs.

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Love’s new video features reimagined chord progressions and the unfiltered voice that made the singer a grunge icon. The performance begins with Love setting up her acoustic guitar and telling the audience of her intent to make a more punk version of the song. After that, the Hole singer’s vocals come to the forefront at the onset of the first strum, where the blending of 90s grunge and pop icons makes for a heartbreaking performance.

Love begins to tear up in the final chorus while singing the words, “If there’s nothing missing in my life/Then why do these tears come at night?” As the song ends, the singer wipes her eyes.

“I’m actually crying,” she says. “I fucking hate it when this happens.”

It's no surprise Love shares a connection with Spears, as she too understands the implications of unfair public portrayals. In addition, she has also been candid about her own legal experiences and is unafraid of challenging systems at their root cause. In addition to sharing links from the #FreeBritney movement, the singer has also tweeted history snippets and personal anecdotes detailing the sexist history of conservatorship.

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Love has been tweeting commentary on the state of the #FreeBritney movement and retweeting links from allies for weeks. Above all, she has had a long run of challenging antiquated, patriarchal standards and being fearlessly outspoken in the face of adversity and injustice. 

You can watch Love’s heartbreaking rendition of “Lucky” below and find resources to support Spears in her conservatorship battle here.

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