Officially dubbed "sick and offensive," Cradle Of Filth have built a legacy around their challenging artwork, bold aesthetic and extreme approach to heavy metal.

Often written off as a mere shock rock band, frontman Dani Filth urges listeners to dig deeper into the literature and art that has inspired the band for nearly three decades and hopes they can help add a little color to the lives of their fans.

In this APTV exclusive, Filth goes in depth about the infamous “Jesus T-shirt,” the three very bad things that have defined his band and how people's expectations of Cradle Of Filth being turned into the Backstreet Boys was the the driving catalyst in the creation of an overly ambitious and symphonically overstuffed record.

Filth also gushes over Ghost, condemns the instant gratification culture around modern rock and advises aspiring bands in 2019 to "just give up."

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Earlier this year, Iggy Azalea caused quite the freak out after donning a Cradle Of Filth shirt that Rolling Stone once called the “most controversial shirt in rock history.”

The year is 1993. Cradle Of Filth were getting ready to go on tour with Emperor and needed another quick-printed shirt to sell.

“It was all very silly, I suppose,” frontman Dani Filth once told Rolling Stone“It was 1993, and we were about to go on tour with Emperor. We had a different T-shirt at the time. It had a picture of my wife, who was all done up in black metal regalia, and it said ‘The Black Goddess Rises’ on it. We needed to get a new shirt done quickly for the tour; we’d already come up with the ‘Vestal masturbation’ image and phrase, but we still needed a back print for it.”

The shirt Filth is referring to has a masturbating nun on the front with the phrase Vestal masturbation. Meanwhile the back of the shirt contains the words, “Jesus is a cunt.”

While the strategic cropping of Azalea’s photo makes it a bit harder to tell what she’s actually wearing, fans of the band and those aware of the shirt’s existent knew exactly what they were looking at.

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