It looks like Creed frontman Scott Stapp is making his film debut in a big way.

This week, it was confirmed that Stapp is taking on the role of Frank Sinatra in an upcoming biopic about Ronald Reagan. However, the casting news is getting some reactions Stapp may not have expected.

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According to Billboard, Scott Stapp is making his feature film debut in a biopic about President Ronald Reagan called Reagan. The project will include a scene in which Stapp will perform as legendary musician Frank Sinatra. The particular scene will depict Sinatra's performance at the Cocoanut Grove when Reagan was president of the Screen Actors Guild.

"Sinatra in performance mode was an exercise in restraint,” Stapp told Billboard. “He had this steely, stylish swagger and his sheer presence commanded a room. I was excited to join the cast and blown away by the on-set attention to detail, style, and overall production."

Reagan is set to premiere sometime in 2021. Alongside Stapp, Dennis Quaid is starring in the film as Ronald Reagan. As well, Penelope Ann Miller will be portraying Nancy Reagan. Meanwhile, Mena Suvari will appear as Reagan's first wife Jane Wyman and Jon Voight will be a KGB agent who tracked Reagan for decades.

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Director Sean McNamara told Billboard that he is thrilled Scott Stapp is part of the upcoming project.

“We are honored to have Scott in Reagan,” McNamara says. “Scott’s known for big, high energy performances so it was a thrill to see him shift gears to embody Sinatra’s contained charisma.”

Since Creed's debut album My Own Prison in 1997, Stapp has built himself quite a career in music. Creed went on to release three more full-length albums and even win a Grammy for the hit "With Arms Wide Open" in 2001. More recently, Stapp put out his solo album The Space Between The Shadows last year.

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What are your reactions to Scott Stapp being cast as Frank Sinatra? Do you think he was the right person to be cast for the role? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.