Creeper played a sold out show at London’s KOKO venue last night, and it may or may not have been their last show ever.

The six-piece announced the show in September. A few weeks later, they alerted fans that only 50 tickets remained by posting an ominous ticking clock.

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Under 50 tickets remain. #creepercult

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The band took to the KOKO’s stage last night, and at some point during the set, frontman William Gould made the announcement that it would be their last.

“Of all the shows we’ve played in this last four years, this one will remain with us the longest,” he says. “Because not only is it the last show of this album, but it’s the last show that we’ll ever do”
At the end of their set, each member removed their iconic Callous Heart jackets and placed them in a pile on the stage.

When they officially left the stage, their backdrop read “Even eternity ends.”

The Callous Heart ???? . . . #creepercult #koko #camden #gig #livemusic #alternative

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The band put out a handful of EPs, and one studio album, Eternity, In Your Arms, was released in 2017. The full-length debut came with a backstory as the band ventured down the elaborate road of a concept album. The result was a spooky Peter Pan-inspired saga that narrates the story of missing paranormal investigator James Scythe. The band also released a novel component titled The Last Days Of James Scythe.

At this time, neither Creeper as a whole nor any of their members have mentioned the band’s end after exiting the stage.

Is this the really the end of Creeper or just the start of a new era? Sound off in the comments below.