Creeper have now dropped the third single from their upcoming album Sex, Death & The Infinite VoidThe new track is called "Cyanide" and takes a bit of a slower pace compared to the roaring "Annebelle" they previously released. 

Formerly The Fugitives of Heaven, the band ushered in their new era last year with the release of “Born Cold.”

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Creeper vocalist Will Gould teased the new track earlier this week, saying he was very excited for Friday.

Creeper also teased the song's central lyric on Instagram.


Gould also tweeted about how thankful he was for all of the support from the fans.

Truth be tol, didn’t even know it would be out yet, but i want to communicate how extremely thankful i am to everyone who has already shown such support to the new song and the progression of this our sound

we all love this record so much and hope we have done you proud 

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The official Creeper Twitter account posted the song and were delighted to treat us to the next part of the album.

The support is well deserved, as "Cyanide" is an incredible song. The music video is equally as stunning, harkening back to the days of live television performances such as the Beatles on Ed Sullivan. The stunning 70s glam-rock style perfectly captures the theatrical rock and roll themes that Gould says he strived for with this album.

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"This record has gone from being a fast punk band with theatrical elements to being a lot more rock ‘n’ roll and theatrical, but of course, with flourishes of punk rock here and there," Gould says.

Speaking on "Cyanide" specifically, Gould says it's about love.

“‘Cyanide’ is about obsession,” Gould says. “That hopeless feeling you get in the pit of your stomach when you fall in love. Modern love know no bounds, no rules; it can feel like dying a death. At the point in our album narrative, the characters have fallen into a dangerous, forbidden love. One for which no-one can forgive.”

Without further ado, watch the beautiful video for Creeper's "Cyanide" below.

"Cyanide" by Creeper Lyrics

Kissing in the acid rain, heaven on her tongue again.
“The cutest couple in the halls of hell”?
Well she was smoking with her friends, exhaled nicotine and breathed me in.
Black denim under pale moonlight, her skin is milk so pale and white.
Underneath the teenage spell. Well she’s Christina Applegate, hopelessly beautiful in 1988.

She’s my cyanide.
I drink her every night.
Modern love can feel like suicide.

“Holy water for the lady please”
Love is best upon our knees with grass stains upon our jeans.
Now the devil dreams of me and you, of all the nasty things we do.
Black lipstick on a coffee cup.
Love is envious of lust.
She’s cold but still I burn up.
In a gin and tonic trance.
We know sobriety wont teach the kids to dance.

So we drive until the road runs out or at least until our tears dry.
We count our sins beneath the sun.
We know no one forgives the fugitives of heaven.

In a previous interview, Gould revealed that the album is unique.

“No one will put a record out like this next year,” he states. “You won’t hear anything like it.”

Sex, Death & the Infinite Void drops May 22. Preorder for the album can be found here. Check out the full tracklist below.

Sex, Death & the Infinite Void Tracklist
  1. "Hallelujah!"
  2. "Be My End"
  3. "Born Cold"
  4. "Cyanide"
  5. "Celestial Violence"
  6. "Annabelle"
  7. "Paradise"
  8. "Poisoned Heart"
  9. "Thorns of Love"
  10. "Four Years Ago"
  11. "Holy War"
  12. "Napalm Girls"
  13. "The Crown of Life"
  14. "Black Moon"
  15. "All My Friends"

Creeper also have the God Can’t Save Us tour in the UK coming up. They will be joined by Holding Absence and Wargasm. Tickets are available here. A full list of dates is below.


04/12 — Leeds, UK @ The Wardrobe
04/13 — Glasgow, UK @ St. Luke’s
04/14 — Manchester, UK @ Academy 2
04/15 — London, UK @ Brixton Electric
04/17 — Brighton, UK @ Concorde 2
04/18 — Birmingham, UK @ O2 Institute

Tell us what you think of Creeper's "Cyanide" in the comments below!

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