Unfortunate news for Creeper fans. Creeper has postponed their album Sex, Death & The Infinite Void from May 22 to July 31. The main reason cited is fan participation is currently limited due to the coronavirus and Creeper strongly believe the album release should be an event the community can share together. 

Creeper have already unveiled three singles from the upcoming album. The first being "Born Cold," before they showcased "Annabelle" and "Cyanide." 

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There is some good news bout the postponement. The band stated that we will be receiving more music videos and content. In addition, those who preorder the record by May 11 will receive an exclusive b-side track titled "Damned And Doomed."

Creeper took to social media to announce the news of Sex, Death & The Infinite Void's postponement. 

good afternoon everybody, today we must announce the rescheduling of our new record ‘Sex, Death and the Infinite Void’ to July 31st.

we are aware that this may come as a disappointment to some of you, but please believe we have done this for good reason in these unprecedented times.

so many of the exciting events we had planned around this record have had to be re-imagined and re-thought out, we are adjusting to this new environment much like everyone else.

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the positives in doing so are vast, you will be receiving more music videos, more online interactivity and storytelling and you will receive an exclusive new song if you have pre-ordered the album from our official store or if you pre-order from our official store by Monday May 11th. this song will be emailed to you directly and will not be available anywhere else.

the song is called ‘Damned and Doomed’, it is a B-side from the new record which would not have originally been released prior to the album.

we are very proud of this song and are very excited to share it with our biggest fans.


The other good news is that frontman Will Gould says that the record is definitely worth the wait. 

“No one will put a record out like this next year,” Gould said in a previous interview. “You won’t hear anything like it.”

Sex, Death & the Infinite Void now drops on July 31. Preorders for the album can be found here. Check out the full tracklist and the music video for "Cyanide" below.

Sex, Death & the Infinite Void Tracklist
  1. “Hallelujah!”
  2. “Be My End”
  3. “Born Cold”
  4. “Cyanide”
  5. “Celestial Violence”
  6. “Annabelle”
  7. “Paradise”
  8. “Poisoned Heart”
  9. “Thorns of Love”
  10. “Four Years Ago”
  11. “Holy War”
  12. “Napalm Girls”
  13. “The Crown of Life”
  14. “Black Moon”
  15. “All My Friends”

What's your favorite single from Creeper's Sex, Death & The Infinite Void? Sound off in the comments below!

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