International Creeper fans rejoice! You can get the band's sophomore EP The Callous Heart tomorrow—Friday, January 15.

Released last year exclusively in the UK, the five-song EP had yet to receive an official worldwide release, forcing those of us desperate for more of the band abroad to secure the tracks through means we're certainly not proud of. 

"Those of you who know us abroad may have struggled to hear it online, and this will be the first time you'll be able to legally stream it," says vocalist Will Gould. "We get tweets every day almost about its not being available online." 

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Creeper recently announced that they will be releasing a third EP titled The Stranger on February 19. The EP's first single, "Black Mass" is now available to stream.

While you celebrate with The Callous Heart and get stoked for The Stranger, the band will be working on bringing their live show to those of us outside Europe!