Wet EP

Surely holding the title of "strangest band to ever be paired with No Idea Records," Philadelphia's Creepoid have more in common with slack shoegaze bands or '90s alt/slowcore than anything resembling punk, as anyone who has heard their two full-lengths realizes. Ties to Fight Amp help the punk cred (Creepoid drummer Patrick Troxell once sang for the sludge/noise rockers), not that Creepoid need it: this one sided 12-inch (side B is an etching) released by Graveface Records for Record Store Day speaks volumes on its own. But whether or not the sonics it delivers are going to enthrall or exhaust depends on how you feel about mellow, droning, atmosphere-soaked shoegaze.

Judging by the fact that you're still reading after seeing that descriptor, you probably think My Bloody Valentine's Loveless is the greatest 48 minutes of music ever created by human beings, so it's a fair bet to say tunes like this four-song EP's "Blurry Slumber" (sounds exactly like its name would lead you to believe) or opener "Wet Bread" (again...) are going to hit the spot just right, making all the shoegaze fans out there hit their air distortion pedals and wash it all away in a tidal wave of distorto-mope.

Speaking of mope, hazy closer "Truth" brings to mind the best of slack-jawed '90s rock, like when Smashing Pumpkins were doing things that were good and alternative music was at one of its high crests. But despite the mope, it ends the EP with a bit of hope. (Not too much, don't worry.)

This is a very rich and well-executed EP, one that requires repeated listens to understand. It comes out hot on the heels of their second album, so whether you're looking to get a little extra dose of Creepoid after that disc or are looking to dip your toes in their murky waters, this 12-inch will help guide you. Just get ready: It's a slow, topsy-turvy, and difficult ride.