While Christmas is usually filled with everything red, green, jolly and bright, we are pretty committed to our dark aesthetic year round, especially in our home decor. However, half the fun of the season is getting in the spirit with Christmas decorations all over your house such as lights and other festive items. 

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Luckily, you don’t have to compromise your goth aesthetic or your festive spirit because people actually make spooky holiday decor. We’ve found 10 of the best creepy Christmas decorations on the internet you need to buy this year to impress your friends during your secret Santa party. You can check those out below. 

1. The Nightmare Before Christmas village – $69.99 
NBC house christmas decoriatons

[Photo via the Bradford Exchange][/caption]This is a perfect alternative for a traditional nativity scene or Christmas village display. It’s a spooky ode to one of our favorite holiday films, and we will probably be tempted to keep it up year round. 

2. Skull tree topper – $4.99 
skull tree topper

[Photo via christmastraditions.com][/caption]Rather than topping your Christmas tree with a star or an angel, go dark with this festival skull. The jaw also opens so you can put lights or other decor in the mouth for even more creepy cuteness. 

3. Black ceramic tree with spooky lights – $34.99

[Photo via Walmart][/caption]This tree is a retro way to show your love of Halloween while still being festive for Christmas. The lights are orange and purple, so they’ll definitely fit the vibe of your space, but you will still feel like you decorated for the holiday season. 

4. These pillows inspired by The Nightmare Before Christmas$170
NBC pillows

[Photo via Etsy][/caption]The pillows are inspired by the iconic costumes from the Tim Burton classic. They’re still festive because the movie is definitely in the spirit of Christmas, but they’ll still match the rest of your spooky decor. 

5. Festive bone candy canes$13
bone candy canes christmas decorations

[Photo via Etsy][/caption]You absolutely need these to declare your love of all things creepy while still being in the Christmas spirit. They’re the perfect little way to spruce up your space in a totally unique way. 

6. An It Chapter Two stocking – $16.90
pennywise stocking it movie

[Photo via Hot Topic][/caption]Everyone will know which stocking is yours on the mantle if you hang this up before Christmas. It shows Pennywise’s horrifying face while somehow still keeping the holly jolly spirit. 

7. A Santa skull cookie cutter$13.21
skull cookies christmas decorations

[Photo via Etsy[/caption]When you’re making Christmas treats with your family this year, break out this amazing cookie cutter to wow everyone with your goth aesthetic. It’s perfectly on brand and will probably make your delicious cookies taste even better. 

8. A black faux Christmas tree$59.99 

[Photo via Michaels][/caption]This is the ultimate way to say “I’m emo, but I still love Christmas.” It’s a major statement in a subtle way, and you can definitely get some amazing ornaments and lights to make it your own. 

9. Skeleton Santa stocking stuffer$6.99
skulll stocking stuffer

[Photo via Etsy][/caption]This skeleton dressed up like Santa Claus is the perfect stocking stuffer, and we can’t think of anything more on brand. If you want to get more creative, attach some string and turn it into an ornament for your tree.

10. The Nightmare Before Christmas monster wreath – $19.96 
NBC wreath christmas decorations

[Photo via Hot Topic][/caption]Why put a regular old wreath on your door when you can have a Tim Burton-inspired one instead? It’s a great way to welcome guests to your space and get them ready for what they’re about to see in the rest of your home.